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Most people actually have hemorrhoids but it goes unnoticed. Children and adults alike usually have hemorrhoids but this doesn’t exhibit any symptoms. It’s only a problem if you are experiencing discomfort like pain and you exhibit symptoms such as bloody stool.

Because of this, it would help a lot if you’d be able to understand what hemorrhoids are all about and take the proper steps to address it.The following are some of the most important things you need to know:

What are hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swelling veins in your anus. It is quite normal for people to have it but one does not necessarily feel it.It can either occur externally or internally.Internal hemorrhoids can hardly be noticed until one is bothered by symptoms.

Causes of hemorrhoids

too much pressure in that area causes strain in the veins.This can be because of prolonged sitting or certain physical activity such as lifting heavy objects.Constipation can also be one cause of hemorrhoids or cause a hemorrhoid to worsen.

Who gets hemorrhoids

There’s no age limit as to who gets hemorrhoids.But usually these hemorrhoids are asymptomatic and cause no problem at all.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids rarely bother people.The problem comes when you start feeling pain and discomfort and you have a bloody stool. This usually occurs when you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid or when there is a blood clot. This type of hemorrhoids can cause a lot of discomfort.

How to treat hemorrhoids

There are a lot of possible treatments for hemorrhoids. If it’s not a severe one, you may opt for some home treatments like cold compress.There are also a lot of over the counter treatments which you can use. But if it bothers you or it’s already too painful, it helps for you to be able to consult a physician for appropriate medical attention. It could be a severe case of hemorrhoids or it could be symptoms of another condition.

Preventing Hemorrhoids

it’s always better to prevent than to cure, so here are some things you need to do in order to prevent you from having hemorrhoids. The basic thing you need to do is to keep the area clean always. You should also avoid sitting for long periods.Standing up or strolling from time to time would help.

As constipation is also a common cause of hemorrhoids, diet also plays an important part.You need to remain hydrated all the time. Fiber is also an essential nutrient in preventing constipation.